Powhatan Announces Business Winterization Grant

Powhatan Announces Business Winterization Grant

November 20, 2020

Powhatan Announces Business Winterization Grant

Due to COVID-19’s mandate for social distancing inside eating and drinking establishments, the need for outdoor seating has become pivotal to business survival to increase customer capacity. Powhatan County would like to assist these businesses with temporary modifications of their spaces. As part of the CARES Act funding Business Assistance Grant Program, this specific grant addresses those needs of businesses facing continued restrictions on capacity throughout the winter. The grant is for the reimbursement of funds spent on specific winterizing items. The funds must have been spent or be spent by December 30, 2020 to be applicable.

Applicable expenses may include:

  • Tents – all tents must meet the requirements established by Powhatan County and the Powhatan County Fire Marshal, including obtaining any required permits **
  • Outdoor heating (space heaters, etc.) – all outdoor heaters must meet the requirements of the Powhatan County Fire Marshal and used in a manner that meets the Fire Code for County and State.  ***
  • Outdoor furniture for increased dining area
  • Outdoor lighting for increased dining area (outside lighting must be dark sky compliant to meet County Code)
  • Sanitization stations
  • Paneling for permanent outdoor dining space (curtains, etc.)
  • Other expenses related to the extension of the outdoor dining season and/or dining capacity


  • Owner has a valid EIN and established business bank account
  • Currently an existing eating or drinking establishment in Powhatan County with a valid business license
  • Must be current on all fees, permits and taxes as of the time of application, except when extensions have been granted by a locality due to COVID-19
  • Plans approved by Powhatan County Planning & Zoning and Building Inspections


Required attachments:

1. Diagram of the outdoor area - show the layout including the hours of operation, location of building entrances, the number of tables and chairs, well-defined ADA accessible points of ingress and egress, lighting, heating sources, distance from existing buildings. All structures or dining areas are required to be outside of the setback from roads and property lines.

2. Costs estimates- show itemized costs for outdoor expansion to include cost of purchased material, rental, installation and maintenance.

3. Expenditures:

a. For purchases already incurred: provide proof of payment including copy of the invoice/receipt and proof of payment including copy of cleared checks, bank statement or credit card statement.

b. For purchases yet to be incurred: provide an invoice or estimate demonstrating the expected costs.

4. Copy of Business License

5. Form W-9

** Tents must be of a standard that is allowable for commercial restaurant use.

***Allowable outdoor heaters include electric space heaters and portable outdoor gas-fired heaters. 


Grants of up to $10,000 per business will be awarded to eligible businesses who complete the required application and provide all required attachments.


Application period open from 11/20/2020- 12/2/2020. 


Link for interest form: (mandatory to receive application email to apply)